Greasing the charity wheel

Movie Nite – GREASE was the word…

Mic ar y Meic DJ with karaoke, singing, dancing, laughing. Folk dancing!!…

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It was all happening viagra pharmacy last night (27th November 2009) in the Clawddnewydd Community Centre, buy cialis online with Grease the Movie shown by the Denbigh Film Club .

Some buy cialis online people had ordered a Chinese delivery from town and ate that whilst watching the film, others had brought their own food…..then Mic ar y Meic (be his fan on Facebook) started with the music, some light entertainment provided by 3 calendar girls for Mr July!! “Hopelessly devoted to you…” was sung to him by Miss January, Miss April and Miss August…..

Most of the calendar girls and boys danced to the folk dancing entertainment organised by Mic and most people got on the floor to dance various hits from the 60’s to today…Tom Jones made an appearance too….Eirion of course!!

Money raised by the event has brought the total to date now up to £9978.

A Bum Deal

Kylie's bum is a search engine hit - but Ellen's scored highest!Website statistics can make fascinating reading.

On this site, for instance, I can tell at a glance that in the first eight hours of today we had 55 hits. Yesterday there were 150.


Since the site was launched last October there have been 27,953 and this has settled down now to a respectable 155 hits a day.  The best day was 1,342 hits on the 6th of January when a story about our calendar was was featured on the AOL web site’s main news page.

These are genuine hits too, as the system discounts all webmaster and admin hits.

Now if this is all starting to sound a bit nerdy, things get a little more interesting when you get to the bottom of things.

Back in February we asked readers to vote on who had the best bum.  The candidates were:  the iconic Athena tennis bum poster, Anna Kournikova’s version, Kylie’s remake cheap cialis online and, of course, our own featuring the lovely Ellen Griffith.


The original Tennis Girl poster



Ellen won by a mile of course and that story planted a few tasty keywords for the great Googlegod to consume – and it turned out he/she was very hungry.

bumstatsOn any web site, many of the “new” visitors arrive via search engines.  The Stats Application on our site is set up to show us what phrases people typed in to the search engines when they discovered our site – and boy does it make interesting reading!

It would appear there is a lot of interest in bums!  Stats for the 50 most popular search terms used to find our site in the last three months show that almost 300 people  searched with phrases relating directly to the four bums in our poll and that 106 of these has a specific interest in our own Miss February’s derrière!
We appologise for the lens flare on this picture!Mr February’s bum, on the other hand, scored just four search engine hits – but don’t tell Dylan!

Tech note: In reality these figures are much higher as the system only displays the 50 most popular search terms. There were another three or four hundred that were used only once, twice or three times that are not displayed in the table.

March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month


Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men cialis cheap in the UK with 35,000 men diagnosed every year.  One man dies every hour in the UK from this form of the disease.

So don’t let your support for cancer research start and end with buying the Beauty and the Beast calendar.

High Street retailers Marks and Spencers is working with The Prostate Cancer Charity to educate men (and buy cialis women) about the disease and raise money for research, support, information and campaigning.

Their stores are selling pin badges and “trolly pounds” to help raise funds and awareness and are also donating 10% of the sales of underwear products in their Autograph range.

Get well soon – Cheeky Chappie!


Jayne, Chris and viagra sale all the twenty-four Clawddnewydd Calendar Crew would like to wish Eifion Edwards a speedy recovery and hope this card cheered him up.

Eifion, buy cialis online Mr November in the 2008 Cheeky Chappies calendar, is currently recovering from a spinal operation.  Let’s all hope he is back to 100% soon.

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