The AOL Factor

1,300 Hits!

What’s all that about?


Once the initial rush of interest following the publicity viagra online surrounding Launch Night had died down, the Stats for the Beauty and the Beast web site have been ticking along at a very respectable 200 – 250 unique hits per day.

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There was a blip new year’s eve when, along with several others hosted by the same ISP were hacked by some uncharitable git who replaced all our files with a single page in Arabic.

Then all of a sudden – 1,330 hits on the 6th of January – just three short of our best ever the day after launch night.

It is pretty certain this was the result of our calendar being featured on the main page of the AOL website.¬† In fact a friend of Miss April’s Dad emailed to say he had gone into an internet cafe in New York generic cialis and the first thing he saw as he logged on was a feature on our calendar!

World Famous Eh!

The feature is now on the AOL Ruby Room blog featuring Miss February illustrating¬† the article Bizarre cheeky calendars as well as joining Miss March,¬† Mr March and Mr September in the “Eye Candy” slide show!

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