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AOL – The Ruby Room

And not just a “mention” either.  Miss February’s picture illustrates the article Bizarre  Cheeky Calendars and no fewer than four pictures appear in the accompanying “Eye Candy” slideshow.

Naked Charity Blogspot

The Naked Charity Blog is a companion to the NakedCharity.com website.  Both are devoted to showcasing  calendars produced all over the world by ordinary people who take the extra ordinary step into the world of posing naked to raise money for charity.

The site catalogues the trend for naked charity calendar production from the 1980s to the present day. Beauty and the Beast 2009 has had a really good plug on this website with Ellen (Miss February) and Jason (Mr December) being featured on the page.  We would like to extend our thanks to the editor D. Taylor.

Earlier Items

The UKFundraising Website

Founder of the UK’s leading Internet fundraising consultancy, Howard Lake, has given the Beauty and the Beast Calendar a decent plug on his company’s web site.  Founded in 1996,  Fundraising UK Ltd. helps charities in the UK and internationally to use the Internet as a fundraising tool to enhance and extend their existing fundraising activities. It also advises for-profit companies that provide services and products to fundraisers, helping them use the Internet to enhance their business.

Show your appreciation for the plug by visiting his website.  You’ll find the piece about our calendar by following the Blogs link under Howard Lake.

Rhuthun/Ruthin Blog

Read the absolutely fabulous review on the Rhuthun blog.  It is so nice that someone has actually gone out and bought a copy of the calendar to take proper considered look at its aims and aspirations.  And so refreshing to see something written from the heart, rather than use our press releases almost verbatim.  We are grateful, of course for the publicity we get from all quarters.  The more the merrier.   But a big thanks to Non Liquet, whoever you are (it is not clear!).

News travels fast:

One of our latest mentions from overseas comes on the 10/22/08 Daily Newds page of the Minnesota Skinny Dippers web site.  buy viagra No pictures though – it seems we were not quite naked enough for that particular site!

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